Upcoming AMD E-series APUs leak

Will get higher clocks and Turbo Core support

WE’RE STILL WAITING for details of AMD’s upcoming high-end APUs and CPUs to leak, but details of AMD’s upcoming E-series processors have appeared on the interweb. We’re looking at three new models, two based on the Bobcat core and one on the upcoming Husky core, all of which are said to arrive in Q3 this year.

Xbit labs are reporting that AMD is prepping the dual core AMD E-300, E-450 and E2-3250 APUs, although only the E-300 and E-450 are low power APUs with an 18W TDP whereas the E2-3250 is a 65W entry level desktop part. The E-300 is pretty much a 1.3GHz version of the current E-350 with a smidgen slower graphics and support for Turbo Core, although no details as to by how much the new APUs will be able to turbo were revealed.

The E-450 doesn’t just get a 50MHz speed boost to 1.65GHz, but it also gets a faster graphics core which is set to be branded as the Radeon HD 6320 and it’s said to operate at 508 or 600MHz. The E-450 is also the first Zacate APU to get support for DDR3 1333MHz memory and as with the E-300 it will support Turbo Core.

The E2-3250 in an entirely different beast and although the core clock speed has as yet not been unveiled, this APU will come with Radeon HD 6370 graphics which is said to feature 160 shaders, sorry Stream Cores, and a clock speed of 443MHz. It will also support DDR3 1600MHz memory and it will be built on a 32nm processor rather than 40nm as is the case of the Zacate APUs. It will also use a different packaging called FM1 rather than the FT1 used for the Zacate APUs.

AMD seems to have the entry level of the market pretty much sorted, although this isn’t where a CPU makes the big bucks. In as much as AMD has had some good success so far with its Zacate and Ontario APUs, the company really needs something competitive on the high-end. Hopefully that’s what we’ll see being announced in the next quarter or so, as beyond AMD desperately needing some new flagship products, Intel could do with getting some healthy competition as well.S|A

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