LucidLogix launches free trial of Virtu

IT LOOKS LIKE LucidLogix is getting close to the final version of its Virtu GPU virtualization software as the company has not only announced further refinements to Virtu today, but also a download-able trial version for those that want to get a taste of things to come. On top of that LucidLogix also announced that Virtu will not only support future Intel platforms, but that it will also support AMD’s Brazos platform.

For the time being, Virtu is limited to Intel’s H67 chipset combined with one of its second generation Core iSomethingorOther processors, although LucidLogix is already claiming support for Intel’s upcoming Z68 chipset and doesn’t give a toss about what Intel thinks about it. The new addition to Virtu is that it now can operate in two modes, or what LucidLogix calls i-Mode and d-Mode.

i-Mode is exactly the same as what was announced from the beginning, in other words you need a motherboard with support for integrated graphics, plug the monitor into the motherboard and the graphics card will be called upon when needed with the signal routed through the motherboard. LucidLogix claim to offer near zero overhead in this mode and early tests seem to indicate a very small performance loss.

d-Mode on the other hand is quite different as in this case the display is plugged into the graphics card and as such the discrete card is always powered on unlike in i-Mode where it can be put in sleep mode to save power. However, Intel’s QuickSync technology can still be used alongside with all the other video features of Intel’s graphics. This also allows for CrossFire and SLI to work, at least as long as you have a Z68 chipset board, as the H67 chipset doesn’t support multiple graphics cards.

It’s interesting that LucidLogix has decided to support AMD’s Brazos platform, as it’s not a likely platform to end up with a discrete graphics card fitted to it. On the other hand this suggest that LucidLogix will also be supporting AMD’s Llano platform when it launches later this year as it shouldn’t be a very big step to offer support for Llano compared to any of the other platforms.

If you own an Intel H67 board and want to give Virtu a go, then we’d suggest you head over to LucidLogix website and fill in the registration form and download the trial version. The press release didn’t mention if there are any limitations to the trial version, nor if it’s a time limited trial or not. Sadly it doesn’t look like Virtu will be available for directly from LucidLogix and we’ll see which motherboard makers will offer it with its boards and if they’ll allow current customers to get a copy for free or not.S|A

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