Crucial does BoM control on DDR3

You need it or you don’t, no middle ground

Crucial reliance badgeCrucial is dropping a BoM on enterprise server memory customers with their new BoM-controlled RDIMM line. It may not seem like much if you don’t need it, but to those that do, it is worth more than gold.

The idea is simple, people running large enterprises and mission critical servers don’t like changes, and everything they buy has to be verified to a level that an average user would find ludicrous. For the buyers though, it means no problems, and any change, even minor ones, mean lots of expensive testing. For them, lack of change is worth more than gold.

That is where BoM controlled items come in. If you are promised no changes, it means just that, they won’t even change a resistor on a board, what you buy now is the same as what you buy in a year, or whatever the term of the product life span is. You see a lot of this in the embedded world, and the related inventory headaches are the reason that the same CPU with an embedded name tag costs much more than a normal one, they have to play lots of inventory games around it.

So, that brings us back to the Crucial memory, it is 2, 4 and 8GB DDR3/1333 RDIMMs, nothing special so far. With the new line, there will be less frequent product changes, revision control tools, and at least 30 days warning to any new changes.

Most people will look at this and say, ‘So?’, yawn, and go back to checking their belly-button lint. Enterprise customers will probably go weak at the knees and open the champagne. Crucial supply chain managers will go out and get drunk over lunch and hate the added work. Overall, the same old same old, and you can read all about it here.S|A

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