Elpida Promises Larger DRAM Chips – and Maybe Cheaper Ones

Higher capacity and smaller dimensions should result in lower prices.

Elpida (JP:6665) will start production of the world’s first 25 nm DRAM in July according to a press release.

The chip will form the basis for DDR3 modules and has a capacity of 2 Gbit, which means that a standard DIMM with parity can be manufactured from 9 chips.

Compared to the previous generation that used 30 nm process technology the surface area is 30% smaller. This translates into more chips per wafer – and that could mean lower prices as the competition in the DRAM market is razor sharp.

Come September Elpida plans to start manufacturing a 4 Gbit chip using the same process technology. This is a major advancement as it will result in a lower component count for the same amount of memory. Lower component count means a simpler design and should again translate into lower prices.

Elpida competes fiercely with the likes of Samsung, Hynix and Micron and we should soon expect to see similar announcements from those companies.S|A

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