USB 3.0 to Debut as Chip Interconnect

USB now also goes inside the box

USB, which is the most popular standard for connecting peripherals to PCs is now also going inside the box.

A brand new specification, still under development, will, by the end of the year, allow USB 3.0 to be used a a standardized way of connecting chips inside a smartphone or computer.

The specification, which is under development by the USB Promoter’s Group carries the name SuperSpeed Inter-Chip (SSIC) specification and is combination of the MIPI M-PHY(SM) physical layer with the SuperSpeed USB protocol and software layers.

The M-PHY interface is a high speed serial interface targeting up to 2.9 Gbps per lane with up-scalability to 5.8 Gbps per lane as well as a low pin count and exceptional power efficiency.  SuperSpeed USB has a 5 Gbps signaling rate offering a 10x performance increase over High-Speed USB with enhanced protocol and power management while retaining compatibility with the existing USB device and software model.S|A

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