Guess which CEO candidate was seen lurking at AMD HQ?

Be afraid, be very very afraid

HP_Logo_Icon_Why_Cant_HP_do_anything_not_half-assed_for_onceGuess who’s back, and in the running for the AMD CEO job? According to a mole patiently waiting to interview for the vaunted position of AMD Executive Secret Santa Coordinator for 2011, last week none other than Carly Fiorina was seen at the Lone Star Campus executive offices. Eeeek!

Rarely do we give direct stock tips at SemiAccurate, but our stories are often used as such. To break with tradition, here is a hot stock tip for you. If AMD’s board is stupid enough to pick Ms Fiorina for the position, sell your AMD stock, and sell it FAST. Why? Intel just won.

In a first for SemiAccurate, here is another hot stock tip, two in one story. If Ms Fiorina does get the job, that money from the AMD stock cash out would be well spent investing in companies that provide the execujet-of-the-moment, companies that gold plate faucets for executive washrooms, and temp firms that specialize in executive toadies. When those start to dip, move the funds to law firms specializing in large bankruptcies. Be afraid.S|A

Update: Fixed misspeled name.

Preemptive Update: The above has a joke in it. No need to email/comment at this point.

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