AMD Gets Seriously Embedded

Wants to take up the fight with ARM and Intel

AMD (NYSE:AMD) has just released a new series of embedded Fusion APUs.

These are based on the Bobcat-design and are remarkable as they have a TDP of only 5.5 and 6.4W respectively. The low power consumption enables fan-less designs thereby allowing AP’s to go into places where it earlier was either too expensive because of the fan cost – or impossible because of the harsh environment.

This is quite an achievement for a processor that includes graphics capable of supporting DirectX 11. The G-series has a package area of only 361mm², with a die size of 75mm² and is using 39% less power than the previous generation.

Embedded Fusion APU’s are set to directly compete with Intel Atom processors. Compared to Atom, Fusion has a superior out-of-order execution unit, but is fabbed using a more conservative process technology.S|A

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