Apple and Nordic Semi join Bluetooth board

Aims to make ZigBee obsolete

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.

The Bluetooth SIG has just added 2 new members to its board. They are Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) and Nordic Semiconductor (NDCVF:OTC US).

It comes at a time when Bluetooth is up against competitive ZigBee in fields such as remote control and 3D glasses. ZigBee has so far not really caught on, whereas, according to Bluetooth SIG, there are around 5 million devices with Bluetooth sold every day.

Bluetooth SIG is working towards finishing the specification for remote controls and this means that in the future you just might be able to use your smartphone as a remote control in a standardized way.  Apple is, of course, interested because of the consumer perspective.  Also, Nordic Semiconductor is very active in the design of wireless chips using frequencies all the way from 433MHz up until 2.45GHz so this is a good fit for their business.

At the same time the Bluetooth SIG also announced that it is suspending development of the new Bluetooth standard in the 60GHz area – and wants to cover everything from 2.45GHz.S|A

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