Adesto to sample CBRAM

New technology has potential to replace both flash and DRAM.

Adesto Technologies Corp. of Sunnyvale in California is sampling a completely new type of RAM called CBRAM. The CB stands for Conductive Bridging and the RAM differs from traditional DRAM in several important aspects. First of all CBRAM is non-volatile and secondly it scales well down to at least 12nm, where it is very difficult to manufacture traditional DRAM – to put it mildly.

So far Adesto Technologies has released very little information about their products, but it is known that their French partner Altis is fabbing the product. Altis is currently manufacturing products on 130nm on 12” wafers.

CBRAM has a potential to replace existing memory technologies, but will have to compete with other forms of memory such as PCRAM, MRAM and Racetrack Memory that is being developed by IBM.

We should expect to see the first products from Adesto Technologies later this year. So far the company has demonstrated a small chip with a serial interface that can replace EEPROMs.S|A

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