GlobalFoundries testing 28nm

Competition heats up

GlobalFoundries in Dresden has already started the first production of 300mm test wafers with 28nm process technology.

While the first 32nm products, such as Llano, have been shipping from the Dresden fabs since Q2, GlobalFoundries is waiting for no one and has already started testing their 28nm process technology. This is according to a presentation given to European editors in Dresden last week.

32nm will continue later this year with Bulldozer-products from AMD.  Their 28nm is slated for late next year and the current test wafers are mainly made up of test patterns and SRAM macros.

GlobalFoundries are in a tough competition with TSMC from Taiwan.  At the same time Global Foundries are also looking to Intel. Intel does not have a real foundry business, but does a small amount of contract manufacturing with signals for more. Intel is ready to start shipping 22nm products by the end of 2011.  Stiff competition ahead for all foundry players.S|A

Updated: 11am, July 5th 2011, correction of 32nm shipping timeframe.

Updated: 1.45pm, fixed discontinuity of production timeframes.

Editor’s note: GloFlo 32nm is SOI, 28nm is not.  This distinction lead to mistakes, obviously.  Apologies.

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