Bitspower shows off high end water cooling toys

Computex 2011: Amazing quality, carefully finished components

Bitspower LogoBitspower is one of those niche manufacturers that puts out amazing quality parts, and gets very little credit. At Computex, we were once again struck by the detail and manufacturing quality of their water cooling offerings.

Bitspower makes lots of high end cooling, mostly water, solutions for PCs and the modding community, and will sell you just about anything you need to plumb them. While several other companies have much wider range of offerings, none seem to have such a singular focus on high end, high quality parts.

Bitspower VGA blocks

VGA coolers in clear, shiny, and really shiny

If you look at the water blocks Bitspower makes, you can see these aren’t simple hunks of metal and plastic, each one is carefully machined, assembled, and polished with care. It may not look like much in pictures, but in person, they are very impressive chunks of high grade materials. Even before you pick one up, you can see the quality in everything from the bolts to the finishes.

Bitspower fittings

Fittings or jewelry? Probably jewelry.

The nice thing about Bitspower is that they sell components, not one-size-theoretically-fits-all-but-realistically-fits-none kits. Each fitting, adapter, and block is available as a separate item, so you can buy only what you need. None of these items are cheap, but as with anything this high end, you get more than what you pay for. If you are making a high quality custom PC, Bitspower has the cooling components to match or exceed your skills.S|A

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