Samsung may resurrect WebOS

Hires head of HP’s mobility division

It looks like WebOS may not be dead after all, even though HP has canceled the TouchPad, there are signs that Samsung (SEO:0059300) may be interested in buying the operating system behind the TouchPad.

According to CNBC Samsung has hired the former head of HP’s mobility division.

This step seems quite logical. Samsung is caught between a rock and a hard place. It is angry and fearing competition from Google, which supplies its Andriod software to Samsung as Google has bought Motorola Mobility. On top of that Apple may ax Samsung as the sole supplier of ARM-processors for its mobile devices.

Therefore it seems logical that Samsung may give WebOS a try. WebOS is the least popular of the major mobile operating systems, but by many accounts the best operating system.

If indeed Samsung decides to buy WebOS from HP, then it could end up being a formidable competitor for both Apple and Google. They may end up losing the Apple business, but it is hardly unlikely that Apple would use TSMC as its sole supplier of future processors.S|A

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