VMware gets embedded

Virtual smartphones are just the starting point for VMware’s embedded avenue.

The Korean smartphones coming from LG and Samsung based on a hypervisor from VMware (NYSE:VMW) are just the beginning of a completely new adventure for VMware.

So far VMware has primarily concentrated on the data center whether this would be in form of virtualized servers or moving desktop images back to the server room and executing them centrally. Several examples of virtualized embedded solutions were shown in Las Vegas this week during VMworld.

Now comes the time where VMware will start looking at embedded devices.

Any devices running Android can, if it has the sufficient resources available to it, be virtualized.  This virtualization layer will at least in the beginning, be unique to Android and will probably never come to competing iOS from Apple, since Apple is guarding the API with a great amount of secrecy, making it impossible to write an efficient hypervisor.

By using a hypervisor several application stacks can be installed and managed independently of each other. More importantly these stacks can be installed on any Android device of the user’s choice making for a much greater versatility and possibly a lot fewer devices in the same home. As an example, if today you have several set top boxes connected to your TV, then in the future you could potentially choose just one box and have your service providers install their applications independently from each other on the same piece of hardware.S|A

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