Intel outs own Ultrabook launch plans

Left hand shoots right foot in Guanghua

Intel - logoEvery once in a while, one hand of a company bites the other hand, like Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) marketing biting Intel PR. Not that this happened lately, except that it did.

Intel Ultrabook launch

When do those Ultrabooks launch?

So, it looks like Intel is doing a ‘top sekrit’ Ultrabook launch on the 5th. A word to Intel marketing, when your PR arm has a ‘top sekrit’ launch planned on the 5th, don’t plaster Guanghua computer market with banners a week in advance.

That said, Ultrabooks still suck, the tradeoff for them are downright stupid. There are a lot of stupid people who care deeply about fashion, and for them, there is a MacBook Air. For everyone else, you can pay more, get less, and still do not have a MacBook Air. Intel is desperately trying to counter ARM’s advance with these puppies, and is completely missing the mark.

Intel may be lost, but Ultrabooks have one up side, they are an easy easy way to differentiate the stupid hipsters from the stupid hipsters with more money than average at the coffee shop. Other than that, skip Ultrabooks, they are just not worth it, too slow, too little battery, and too expensive, but don’t take my word for it, TechReport did a great review here. Should you still want to piss away the money, you only have two more days to wait.S|A

Note: The author would like to thank Leo for noticing the banners, he walked right under them completely oblivious. :)

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