More bits on HD7000/Southern Islands/GCN leak

Some newish, one new data point.

AMD logoIt looks like AMD (NYSE:AMD) is planning on launching desktop HD7000 GPUs in January, and SemiAccurate just got a few more bits about them. There isn’t much new, January launch for Tahiti XT, followed by Tahiti Pro a month later, then Pitcairn XT in March, Pro in April.

The cards themselves are known as GCN (Graphics Core Next), Southern Islands, or HD7000, depending on who you talk to. All of them are made on TSMC’s 28nm process, and are cousins to the laptop lines we told you about earlier. Pricing is tentatively set for around $500 for the top Tahiti part, $400 for the Pro, $300 for Pitcairn XT, $200 for the Pro, all subject to much change and our minor but patented SPMOODT(TM)(R)(C)(P) (Source Protecting Minor Obfuscation Of Data Technology).

The new tidbit? 384-bit memory bus, that means 3GB cards. Whoopee, you can now bump the AA setting 1x more on your six 30″ 4Mp panels for Eyefinity gaming. It can’t come soon enough. Things are about to get even more silly.S|A

Update: Spelling fixes 11-17-11 9:10 pm

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