Samsung in aggressive SSD push

Delivers light weight mSATA drives for ultrabooks.

Samsung Electronics (SEO:005930) have just launched their new mSATA SSD drive that weigh in at a mere eight gram and come in cpacities of 256, 128 and 64GB for use as primary drives and in a 32GB model that can be used to cache a mechanical disk dive.

The drives are fitted with a 6 Gb/s SATA interface and are art of the PM830 family.


Samsung PM830. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics.

What is extremely interesting is the very fast sequential read speed of 500MB/s and the write speed of 260MB/S making the drives some of the fastest on the market. This speed should be compared with a typical read and write speed of mechanical drives of around 80MB/s.

The drives are designed with Ultrabooks and Ultrathins in mind. This is a market where Samsung is in fierce competition with SanDisk which was the first company to announce drives in the mSATA format.S|A

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