Exclusive: Samsung to make a Tizen phone

Linux for the masses?

Samsung - logoAfter spending some time on the east coast, it is clear that the migratory moles there have a great deal of information that their California brethren don’t. This time it was all about Tizen and who is going to productize it.

One tidbit passed on to SemiAccurate from a northern New Jersey balding mole (Spalax eywazzup) as it sped north in it’s migratory Trans-Am concerned Samsung. Yes, the mole had just finished lunch with his cousin that works the grounds at that company’s headquarters, and passed that info along to us. It seems Samsung is going to jump in to Tizen with both feet.

While any east coast migratory mole should be taken with a grain of salt, we have great faith that Samsung is going to put out a Tizen phone, and the ties may go deeper than just the first test phone. If you think about it, Samsung desperately needs an OS that is either in-house or open enough to let them do what they want, something that Android most assuredly isn’t. It makes too much sense.

If you look a little farther out, the Tizen page lists devices other than phones, most notably tablets, TVs, and other things that, err, Samsung makes lots of. Do we see a new strategy in the making? I think we do. Is Samsung on to a winner? Time will tell, but it definitely looks like Tizen will be an OS that may, just may, survive Intel’s blessing. Isn’t that the biggest shock of all.S|A

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