GK104 pops up in the wild

Kepler is in the hands of the AIBs

Nvidia world iconGK104/Kepler cards are now floating outside of NV’s orbiting headquarters, and have been landing all over recently. The short story is that the companies that need to have them do, or will really soon.

Reports coming in from the far east say that those high up in the priority list started getting Kepler cards in various guises early this week, possibly late last. The number of sightings from sources that SemiAccurate trusts has been going up almost exponentially over the past few days, and will probably keep doing so for a bit.

The short story is that some places have been getting early variants, others later, and in various states of functionality. Since they are meant for early hardware design and testing, they are more than adequate for the task. The lack of polish seems to indicate that Nvidia is pretty hell-bent on getting cards out the door ASAP.

If things go as normal, it takes 4-6 weeks from AIB sampling to cards on the shelves. This would mean late March or early April, just like we have been saying for weeks. The ball is rolling, and the variables are being narrowed quite quickly.S|A

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