Tabula is officially an Intel foundry customer

Just like we said last year

Tabula logoRemember when we told you that Tabula was the second foundry customer for Intel? It may have taken a year, but they are finally admitting it.

A press release that went out earlier today talked about the relationship publicly, posing two problems for SemiAccurate. The first is that Tabula made the announcement a few weeks short of the one year anniversary of our exclusive story. Coincidence? Yes, of course, but still, we can intone things about dark forces arrayed against us, please use your imagination to come up with a few and insert them here. The second is that we now have to make an icon for Tabula, the last story was put up under the tried and true Intel logo. If you don’t think SemiAccurate goes out on a limb for readers, what more proof do you need than the logo above.

One thing that Tabula and Intel did not confirm, yet, was what, if anything, Intel is planning on using Tabula FPGAs for. The reason for this is Intel’s reluctance to talk about any Haswell details, something they are saving for a later date. Short story, half confirmed, half to go, and it is really hard to turn a bullet point in to a story without being snarky.S|A

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