Godfrey Cheng turns up at Synaptics

That didn’t take long

Synaptics LogoIt didn’t take long for Godfrey Cheng, recently ex-AMDer, to surface at Synaptics. In doing so, he follows the lead of his ex-bosses bosses boss, or something like that, Rick Bergman.

Synaptics has a long history of having really cool human interface technology that goes underappreciated because of the age old saw, “We don’t want to talk about our partner’s products”. With luck, this has changed with the new hires, but time will tell. In any case, Synaptics always has cool tech, and you very likely use some of it, even if you don’t realize what it is. Lets hope that really changes, the more volume the better.S|A

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Charlie Demerjian

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