Charlie’s cat almost breaks an embargo

The cat that couldn’t wait

Apple Inc.Most people can’t wait for embargoes to lift, digging for details and specs before launch. I do the same, and as it turns out, one of my cats has picked up similar habits.

My wife heard a thumping the other day, and when she ran to our bedroom to see what it was, she found one of our cats, Dug, doing what you see below.

Like his owner, Dug doesn’t want to wait for embargoes to lift to play with new tech. He dragged this metal briefcase with a very heavy (censored) sporting a high end (really censored) chip and all the accessories across a large bedroom, over piles of mess, through a deep sheepskin rug, and into the closet. Luckily, we got to him before he opened up the case and broke the embargo. Silly cat, no (censored) for you today.

How Dug knew what was in the case, and how he thought we wouldn’t miss it is beyond us. That said, if he didn’t bang the thing around so much, he might have gotten away with it and posted spy shots of this new (censored) days early. Sneaky cat, but I suppose he learned from the best, I taught him almost everything I know.

That said, if you think this little guy is devious, you should see Mike Magee’s pet emu Urmya. That sneaky little bird is responsible for more heartache among Intel security guards than you would ever believe, and has been known to snatch roadmaps right out of PR flacks hands, then take off running. Dug isn’t that good, but maybe someday……. Stay tuned.S|A

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