Calxeda lets you test drive an ARM server cloud

ARM or x86 head to head, same software stack

Calxeda LogoEver wonder how the upcoming wave of ARM based servers will stack up against their x86 competition? SemiAccurate sure does, and now you can try it for yourself and find out.

Calxeda has announced that the OpenStack demo cloud, TryStack, now has ARM servers to play around with. The servers, running the new OpenStack Essex release, are sponsored by Calxeda, ARM, Rackspace, CoreNAP, HP, and Canonical. That should be a big hint about what you will get when the service goes live any second now.

If you have been itching to see how ARM based servers actually do in the real world, with your code, now is your chance to see. Best of all, it is free, so pound away on both x86 and ARM versions. As of this writing, the ARM TryStack portal is not live, but it will probably be found close to here by the time you read this. If you give it a whirl, please let SemiAccurate know what the results are, either on the forums or via email. We are dying to see how this turns out in the real world instead of through dueling press releases.S|A

Note: The TryStack demo has one very serious security problem, it requires you to use Facebook to get an account. SemiAccurate does not recommend you do this, we suggest you email OpenStack instead.




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