Freescale layoffs target one particular product

150-200 engineers from one team

Freescale logoFreescale just let go between 150 and 200 workers in their Israeli offices, but the real news is who was fired. Sadly, the people let go were the i.MX engineering teams.

Updated 11-1-12@4:10pm: It looks like the i.MX line is not dead, just moved. Sources say the current team was 1+ year along in development before they were let go. i.MX7 is going to be done by a new team, so add a lot of time to any schedules you may have heard.

Word has come to SemiAccurate that the layoffs reported in some Israeli newspapers were only part of the story. The numbers we hear line up with other sources, 150-200 or about half the office, it’s just who Freescale targeted that is the problem. Sources say that the team that was cut was the i.MX development team.

With work slated to wrap up on the i.MX6 before the end of the year, so this impending line is not in any danger. Future products like the i.MX7 however are said to have lost, well, everyone. There is nothing about this move on the i.MX page, the Freescale news page, or in their Q3/2012 results.

That said, the Q3 documentation does have some fairly ominous hints about such a move, with CEO Greg Lowe saying, “Our goal was to identify areas where we can reinforce our strengths to drive top line growth and margin expansion, then reallocate our R&D resources toward those areas of high-value and high-growth“. That doesn’t sound good now does it?S|A

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