AMD to finally give APUs Opteron branding

Logo refresh part 2: Opteron changes colors

AMD logo AMD will finally introduce APUs into server territory.

We reported on AMD putting APUs in their SeaMicro systems last year. AMD then launched Trinity-based FirePro offerings for workstations half a year later, with value-oriented CAD workstations being its focus.

With a new APU launch on the short term horizon, AMD has decided that 2013 would be a good year to push APUs into the server market. So they updated their logo for Opteron and added two more brands:

The new Opteron logos

The new Opteron logos

So, Opteron goes from green to red, and now there are two suffixes, A and X. Here at SemiAccurate, we cannot figure out what A and X mean, could A simply means “Accelerated” or “APU”, and X mean the good ol’ “x86[-only] CPU”, or would they mean the CPU architecture? And what does the use of the new Opteron logo without the A or the X mean? We seriously have no clue on this one, but one thing is for sure, AMD SoCs with ARM v8 cores are currently slated for 2014 release. S|A

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