Moga makes gamepads for your phone

GDC 2013: Android tablets too, but pretend you don’t know that part

Moga logoOne more device SemiAccurate saw at GDC is called the Moga, a bluetooth game controller for Android phones. The idea is simple, a little stand that grabs your phone and gives you buttons and controls sticks.

Actually we already lied to you, twice in fact. Moga is not a device, there are two of them, called the Moga Pocket and Moga Pro. The Pro is a full-sized gamepad device with rechargeable batteries, the mini is smaller, flatter, and sleeker because it is meant for travel. They both however cost $49 or so.

Moga Pro and Pocket bluetooth phone gaming controllers

Moga Pocket and Pro, both can hold cards or phones

If you are wondering about the playing cards, Moga has an SDK to enhance games to work with their pads, and a lot of developers are on board. The cards each have one of the games that use their SDK on the face, a nicely themed bit of trade show swag. At the very least it sure beats another blinky USB thingy that is entertaining for 43 seconds.

Both models do the same thing, a real controller for Android games with a little stand. The other lie is that it doesn’t just work with Android phones, it works with Android tablets too. Please find it in your heart to someday forgive us. If you have a tablet, you can put it on a separate stand because both devices actually ‘connect’ to the device wirelessly. Most phones should fit in the expandable stand/holder though, tablets have no chance. That’s about it, simple but neat enough to be useful for gamers, and cheap too. You can buy the Pocket now, the Pro will be out really really soon.S|A

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