AMD announces seven new mobile Richland parts

Glad tidings of a rich land of low voltage and ultra-low voltage parts abound

AMD A10 LogoNot content to put out eight new Kabinis today, AMD just added seven new Richland parts to the mix. Since Richland is just Trinity 1.00001, there isn’t much to tell you other than their specs.

The parts out today are three 35W variants and four LV or ULV variants at 25, 19, and 17W. There was no guidance on where AMD draws the line on LV vs ULV but that seems a bit pedantic. The raw specs look like this.

AMD Richland SKUs and specs

Seven SKUs to bring happiness across the land

Other than that we can’t really say much until a few more embargos lift. If you think of these as mildly updated, slightly polished, and bug-fixed Trinitys, you have the right idea. A bit faster clock for clock, a bit less power consumed at the same time, and a bit better at everything. Trinity was a damn good device, Richland is a tiny bit damn good-er. Unfortunately we can’t tell you exactly why yet, sorry.S|A

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