Qualcomm has a watch too

Shhh… It’s still a *YAWN* secret

Qualcomm logoThe nice thing about being ignored by Qualcomm is that you are not embargoed by Qualcomm and that means no handcuffs. So what is the major announcement at this year’s Uplinq conference?

If anyone cares SemiAccurate’s sources say that Qualcomm is jumping in to the world of watches/hubs/thingies that coordinate other thingies. Word is that they will show off a smartwatch or whatever lame term this category is saddled with in the next couple of days. Functionally it is going to be touted as a centralized hub for all your gadgets so there is probably nothing new in it, at least nothing new that our moles mentioned. Given their lack of presence in retail it is likely to be a reference design plus brand rather than a retail device though, so don’t expect to buy one off the shelf. This is probably a good thing.

As a side note it is far too early for them to really roll out this beast although we hear that is still a going concern. That is one market they can’t be seen as missing though so it might be shown off as a prototype. Given the state of it in June/July, there is no way it is ready for consumers yet.S|A

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