Analysis: ASML stops 450mm dead

Who pulled the trigger and why did they feel the need?

ASML logoIt looks like 450mm wafers just got pushed back as ASML stopped production on the technology. This delay will come as no surprise to anyone closely following the Semiconductor world, all the signs were pointing in the same direction.

SemiAccurate has heard for weeks now that Intel was delaying 450mm production by considerable amount. While they would only say that the transition from 300mm wafers would happen “in the second half of the decade“, everyone has been saying to expect it in 2018. Since 14nm is due in 2014, 10nm would follow two years later in 2016, and 7nm after that in 2018. Everyone SemiAccurate talked to at Semicon West this summer said 450mm was not going to happen at 10m so that leaves 7nm as the only viable intersect point for 450mm once again in 2018.

News that ASML had completely pulled the plug was broken by Paul van Gerven on the Dutch site Bits&Chips (Translated to English-ish here) last week. SemiAccurate has been hearing similar news for weeks from the fab side, essentially that 450mm tools had been significantly delayed. The real question is what caused it, technical, financial, cooperative, or other problems?

Updated: 19 December 2013 8:30pm

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