10Gbps USB3.1 up and running at speed

CES 2014: Plus USB-PD silicon in almost final form

USB3 PD logo10Gbps USB 3.1 was being shown off at CES along side USB-PD silicon, both up and running. Neither are technically final silicon, but the FPGAs shown were running the real deal protocols.

You might recall USB-PD, the spec that lets you push up to 100W across a USB cable. Sure they showed it off last year, but this is the final solution, and like the last time it was charging a laptop while pushing a Displaylink based HD video stream. The board itself was pretty small, a bit larger than a business card with a similar chip inside the laptop. Both worked fine, unplugging the cable stopped the laptop from charging and the video from playing and it was not buggy at all.

USB-PD demo laptop and dockThe laptop is charging across the video cable

As you can see from the demo done by the USB-IF’s top hand model Jeff, the single dock/hub device charged both the laptop and redistributed the video signal. It was running on a Spartan 6 FPGA at the moment so the promise of late 2013 USB-PD silicon is running a bit behind but it won’t be long now. With the next refresh of devices around Computex, I would expect to see PD silicon as an option here and there.

USB3.1 10Gbps functional demo

The numbers are twice what they should be

The other demo was a bit less interesting to see, there was a desktop with another FPGA on a PCIe board that had USB 3.1 aka 10Gbps USB up and running. The demo was pretty simple, it was a disk throughput benchmark and the rig was pushing a bit over 1GBps read rates, not bad for an open standard. Expect USB3.1 to be a bit farther out but it is definitely coming sooner than many expect. From there, well all we will say is the spec allows for up to 25Gbps….S|A

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