Gigabyte puts 10GbE on their GA-6PXSVT S2011 board

Storage servers without the piecemeal approach

Gigabyte LogoGigabyte is putting out an interesting server board, the 10GbE wielding GA-6PXSVT. If you are looking for a single S2011 board for your storage servers, this may be the device for you.

In terms of CPU and memory, the GA-6PXSVT is nothing special, it will take a single Ivy Bridge aka Xeon E5-1600 or 2600 V2 CPU and 8 ECC DIMMs. To this Gigabyte adds an Intel 82574L 10GbE controller with an SPF+ port for your choice of cables. Graphics and KVM duties are from the workhorse Aspeed AST2400 chip, pretty standard in modern Xeon boxes.

Gigabyte GA-6PXSVT storage server board

Note the extra plug in front and lots in back

You may have noticed we called this a storage server, and if you look at the right side of the picture you can see why. There are eight additional SATA6 ports on the back courtesy of a Marvell 88SE9230 SATA controller. This allows the standard Intel RAID 0/1/5 plus RAID 0/1/10 from the Marvell ports. While it isn’t RAID 5/6/50/60 across all 14 ports, it should be more than good enough for most SMBs.

If you are looking for a high throughput box with lots of storage, the GA-6PXSVT is an interesting choice. The platform is solid, the 10GbE chip is proven, and the Marvell controller is a known quantity too. You can easily bottleneck on the network with a full complement of SSDs but this board should be just about right for a large load of HDDs without hitting bandwidth limits like 1GbE devices did. Having all this in one package is quite useful.S|A

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