Cooler Master launches its V-series of PSUs

Cooler Master’s refreshing its mid-range game…

cooler master V

At the beginning of the week Cooler Master announced that it was launching three new power supplies as part of the release of its V-series of semi-modular PSUs. These power supplies range from 550 to 750 Watts and are decidedly aimed at high performance PC’s. Interestingly Cooler Master is backing these PSUs up with 5 year full support and replacement warranty. If there’s one sure-fire way to tell if you’re buying a quality PSU it’s to look at how long the warranty lasts.

In addition to having a good warranty Cooler Master is talking up two major selling point for these PSU’s: quality components and low power consumption. OEMs love taking about what capacitors they’re using and how awesome their electrical components are. Make no mistake the quality of your power supply’s capacitors is important, but it’s a check box feature rather than a killer selling point.

That said Cooler Master has really upped the quality of its powers supplies over the past year. They gone from having mediocre offerings that don’t last more than a few years to offering quality PSUs like this new V-series. Case and point my old Cooler Master Silent Pro finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago, after squeaking like crazy for the last two years. But in my discussions with Cooler Master’s representatives at the end of last year it was clear to me that they are turning the corner and becoming a quality power supply company.

cooler master v eff

On the power consumption front all of these new offerings are 80 Plus gold rated and Cooler Master included this neat graph showing the differences between the efficiency tiers in their press release.

With availability starting at the end of the month Cooler Master’s V series of semi-modular power supplies look like a solid midrange power supply offering and they have a good warranty to boot. For more on these PSUs check out Cooler Master’s absolutely awesome product page.S|A

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