Hynix shows off eMMC5.0 and LPDDR4

3G/4G Summit: Mobile memory of the near future

SKHynix logoLast week Hynix showed SemiAccurate two upcoming mobile memory types, eMMC5.0 and LPDDR4. Both are aimed at the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, that would be MSM8994 in non-public naming.

Not more to say other than both are not exactly new, Sandisk was showing an eMMC5.0 demo at MWC in March. Like Sandisk, Hynix’s version is also aimed at consistent performance rather than higher raw transfer rates. LPDDR4 however is aimed at both more speed, lower power, or both. With LPDDR4 you can run at typical LPDDR3 clocks with lower power use or higher clocks at similar power to higher LPDDR3 clocks. As you can see below, they all still look like small black squares.S|A

Hynix eMMC5.0 stacks

eMMC5.0 in all it’s glory

LPDDR4 from Hynix

LPDDR4 looks just like LPDDR3

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