Globalfoundries buys IBM semi like SemiAccurate said

We keep telling you we told you so or something like that

Global Foundries logoRemember when SemiAccurate said that IBM sold their foundry business to Globalfoundries last July? You’ll never guess what happened today, IBM sold their foundry business to Globalfoundries, who knew?

Three months ago SemiAccurate stated categorically that IBM had sold their foundry business to Globalfoundries and that, “it is a done deal”. Everyone else from the financial to the technical press was saying it had fallen through, we stuck by our story. Once again SemiAccurate was the only news outlet with real sources not to mention the news in non-painfully dry form. Puns too on occasion, plus the occasional meme-y link.

With stories like our exclusive Globalfoundries picking up Samsung’s process piece more than year before it was announced, outing Nvidia as a base patent troll over a year before any public action was taken, and ARM/AMD teaming up long before anyone else knew, we get the news right and get it first. Others may laugh, deride, and categorically state that our stories are not true but go back and look at how they waffle, contradict, and pretend the past didn’t happen. We don’t. Again.

So to make a long rant short, Globalfoundries ‘bought’ IBM’s semiconductor unit. We told you so on July 7, 2014 long before anyone else. The only part we got a little off was the timing of the announcement which we were told was coming a in late July or early August. Other than that, SemiAccurate was the only one even close to the story.S|A

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Charlie Demerjian

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