Analysis: Unannounced yield problems on 14/16nm

Their silence only adds to the pain both inside and out

Flaming WaferAll is not rosy in the 14/16nm foundry world and we don’t mean Intel this time.  What are the impacts surrounding a rocky path for other foundries?  If the bump is as big as our sources say, who is impacted?

We will start this out by pointing out to the doubters and nay-sayers that our track record on ‘predictions’ are pretty darn good. Remember how we said IBM sold to Globalfoundries more than three months prior to anyone else believing it to be real? And how about our ‘crazy’ notion on Samsung and Globalfoundries linking up process tech a year prior to anyone else positing it? When we pre-announced TSMC’s cancellation of the 32nm node for them, they paid some Ninny to attack us rather than admit it. There are more but you probably get the idea by now.

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