AMD, Nvidia, Cell Phones, process tech, and schedules

AMD, Nvidia, Cell Phones, process tech, and schedules

Nvidia logoSemiAccurate has been following GPU developments and felt it was time for a little end-of-year update. The playing field has changed radically in Q4 and is exactly where we told you it would be last August but the future is shifting a bit.

As you probably recall, we told you about AMD’s Fiji secret sauce here, were the first to tell you that, “Nvidia wins for the last few months of 2014“. They did. SemiAccurate was also the first to tell you about Nvidia moving to 16nm last July. We also told you what would happen afterwards in Q1 and Q2, that is the part that has changed a bit. Lets take a look at those changes, why they happened, and what they mean to users and the companies.

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