AMD shows but won’t say Fiji

Computex 2015: Pretty and interposery with hints of HBM

AMD Radeon Logo 2013AMD was showing off an ‘unknown’ graphics chip at Computex, just don’t call it Fiji. They also mentioned this unknown part would launch on June 16th, and still would not tell SemiAccurate it was called Fiji.

AMD Fiji die showing interposer and HBM stacks

This is not officially Fiji

Although AMD hand/spokesmodel Matt would not let us get closeup pictures, the one above is still good enough to discuss. You can clearly see the main die and the four HBM stacks, two per side. There is a massive stiffening ring and the interposer is bare where there isn’t a die as expected. In short this ‘possibly Fiji’ GPU is exactly what SemiAccurate said it would be. Enjoy the pic.S|A

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