Qualcomm is making a very different server SoC

Finally some juicy tech news about ARM servers

Qualcomm Snapdragon logoSemiAccurate has gotten some juicy new details about the upcoming Qualcomm server SoCs. If you were expecting a normal SoC, you would be way off the mark.

If you recall our story on Qualcomm’s server reveal, there was precious little information about the silicon itself. Sure there were some tidbits about the never to see production 24-core development part, but those too were not exactly detailed. If you look back to our two stories about the release parts, here and here, there was a lot more tech.

What was important about that day were the partnerships Qualcomm had with Xilinx and Mellanox, it pointed to a real ecosystem offering rather than just a chip. Putting out a fast core is one thing, putting out a server grade device with appropriate support and ecosystem integration is quite another. This lack of detail got SemiAccurate digging and what we found impressed us.

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