Qualcomm showed a very interesting market slide at CES

CES 2016: Nothing new, just how it was laid out

Qualcomm Snapdragon logoQualcomm’s CES keynote had a very interesting slide showing its major markets. The markets themselves were not what caught SemiAccurate’s eye, just one of them.

The picture is not all that impressive in and of itself, just listing a listing of the eight major core markets Qualcomm is involved in. It is a variant of the same slide the company has showed off at countless other venues, and even has the company CEO’s head in frame for scale. It looks like this.

Qualcomm Keynote slide market segments

Note the eight main markets

Why are we bothering to bring this one rather boring slide to you in particular? Because of the sixth segment listed, datacenter. Qualcomm has announced their server silicon efforts months ago, we covered it here. What really caught our eye is that datacenter is now a first class market for the company, and they are talking about it publicly. We can’t remember them doing that before in such a direct way, that is what caught our attention.S|A

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