Intel delays yet another LTE product

Someday they will have working silicon, just not soon

Intel - logoIntel has massively delayed another LTE product, the broken record keeps repeating. As SemiAccurate has been saying for a while, the company can not make a fully functional modem.

Before you point out that there are Intel LTE modems on the market, you might want to look long and hard at who is producing them, and what CPUs those devices use. Then look back to who is getting the contra-revenue funding. You might also want to take note of the tier 1 device wins Intel has locked in, you know the ones that are repeatedly rumored like the yearly iPhone win. You know the ones that never pan out, there is a reason for the no-shows here, a technical one.

But let’s get back to the latest tale of woe, another massively delayed Intel LTE product. This one doesn’t have a 9-digit price tag attached like the Motorola one did, but this black eye will do nearly as much damage. After buying three full LTE teams, years of attempts, and billions spent, the company still can’t make something that works. Heads will roll. But back to todays point…

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