What did Intel cut from Skylake-EP/early-Purley?

Two big items and a bunch of less irrelevant things

Intel - logoA few weeks ago, SemiAccurate got wind of Intel releasing Skylake early to select customers. Besides the indelible rift it cause between Chipzilla and its customers, it also divided Skylake into two distinct lines.

First of all an update/correction to our earlier story about the pull-in/snub. We said the two customers were Google and Facebook and we were half right, it turns out that the customers were Google and Amazon. Other than that everything else is correct but we figured you would want to know the correct names.

One thing we should have mentioned is that the pulled in Skylake-EP/Purley chips were not final and had some features disabled. Sure they were being sold at a premium, but now there are two tiers of Skylake-EP, early-Purley and Purley. The former is not feature complete and the latter is, but no word on whether or not they will be differentiated on the spec sheet. If Intel wants our advice, put a -HB for early-Purley and -FW for Purley. That is -HalfBaked and -FullyWorking for the CLI impared.

So what is cut for early-Purley?

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