Intel goes all Pokemon with code names – really

Distract from the lack of tech with cutesy marketing fluff

Intel - logoIntel has been pretty dismal of late and the thing to cheer up the troops is of course Pokemon! SemiAccurate has learned that Intel is now having cheery code names based on, err, something other than Pokemon if the lawyers ask.

Sure the self-inflicted wound that is Intel of late is getting pretty painful to follow with projects slipping more than an alpine ski slope on an icy day. The only thing worse than their consumer products of late is the justifications they give for why consumers should buy their warmed over drivel. As a rule consumers aren’t buying it so it is time for a change, not in products but code names.

That change we first told you about with the Ice +2 story a few days ago, or something +1 in newspeak. That is boring and won’t bring the consumers back, warmed over crap with a new label is just that. Luckily some marketing genius hit on something the kiddies are sure to love, Pokemon! I guess the disastrous shift in PR from technical press to the YouTube set has filtered down to engineering. So what are the next two Intel architectures called?

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