Dell shows off an 8K HDR monitor

MWC 2017: LG panel, 8K60, DP1.3 HBR, and all the rest

Dell logoIn the VESA booth at MWC, Dell was showing off the gorgeous UP3218K 8K monitor. SemiAccurate hopes this is the way of the future, and to use the technical definition, “it sure was purty”.

We can say a few things about this amazing piece of kit, it is obviously an 8K/32MP HDR device and the part number strongly suggests it is 32″ diagonally, more specifically 31.8″. It was running a slideshow at 8K/30 using one Displayport cable. For those of you paying attention you will know the current DP1.3 spec supports HBR3 which is needed to push these staggering pixel counts. That probably explains why an AMD Polaris GPU was pushing those pixels, it actually supports HBR3 fully.

DEll UP3218K monitor

Meet the new king

While we couldn’t poke around under the monitor, a not-so-deep cover mole told us the Dell UP3218K supports two DP1.3 HBR3 inputs needed to do a full 8K60 stream. There wasn’t an exact date for this new king of the hill panel but we expect it to be out within the next month or so. We also don’t expect it to be cheap but unlike early 4K monitors it won’t be competition for a mid-range car.

If you are into these things, SemiAccurate is pretty sure the UP3218K uses an upcoming generation of LG panels so you probably understand why we are gushing about the quality. Three of these would make a very nice surround gaming rig. In a few weeks, 4K will be, like, ya know, so yesterday.S|A

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