Intel to brief press on Sandy-E/X on May 2

Top Sekrit: Don’t tell anyone you know about this!

Intel - logoIntel has another top-secret gathering soon for briefings on Sandy-E/X, Kaby-X and X-299. If you weren’t already invited, you might want to ask Intel why they stiffed you, tell them SemiAccurate says hi.

In just over a week, Intel will be flying hordes of press to San Fransisco for a briefing on the upcoming 6-12 core Basin Falls platform. You might know this as Sandy Bridge-E or the 1-socket Purley minus a lot of features. They are also likely to try and convince the gathered masses that the Kaby Lake version that fits into the same socket, minus half of the memory channels, many PCIe lanes, but with a massive price increase is not a bad joke. Feel free to differ with their opinions here but recall these are the same clowns who claimed you needed a 10-core Broadwell-E for video encoding while gaming.

So the short story is that if you haven’t been invited yet, Intel doesn’t think you are worth bothering with any more. If this story is like the last one, expect a hastily noticed conference call email next week with excuses about it being planned all along. Please pretend to believe them again this time. And smile and nod when they show off the usual hilarious scenarios about why 10+ cores are useful on the desktop, if you are outwardly critical you will be cut off, they don’t tolerate dissent any more, true or not. Worse yet your ad revenue will be in jeopardy if you so much as snicker.S|A

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