Exploring the Qualcomm/Broadcom merger

Following the money leads to interesting places

Qualcomm Snapdragon logoBroadcom’s attempted takeover of Qualcomm isn’t what it seems once you know the background of the finances. SemiAccurate has been digging into this proposed merger for months now and we finally have enough confirmed details to shed some light on the issue.

We will start this out by saying that our sources, multiple, are not directly connected with either company in question but are in a position to know the details of the transaction and where the tendrils of money run. Our first confirmation came days after the initial offer from Broadcom, the final confirmations days ago.

Going back to the story at hand, Broadcom made a very odd offer for Qualcomm, one that made little sense when you took into account things like the price being the same for Qualcomm both with and without NXP. That lead us to follow the money and all our sources with deep connections to the industry all said the same thing. What is more interesting is not just where the trail ends, but an off-handed comment from one source which revealed a scary underhanded industry practice.

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Disclosures: Charlie Demerjian and Stone Arch Networking Services, Inc. have no consulting relationships, investment relationships, or hold any investment positions with any of the companies mentioned in this report.

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