Why did Nvidia delay the consumer Volta parts?

Computex 2018: Conspiracies aren’t always real or interesting

Nvidia LogoWhy did Nvidia pull the consumer Volta launch a few weeks ago? SemiAccurate dug in and found out the reasons and it is far less exciting than you would think.

If you recall Nvidia had a prime slot at Hot Chips 30 and was going to lead the Graphics Solutions segment with a talk called “Next Generation Mainstream GPU” by Stuart Oberman. Very shortly after that, the talk was pulled from the lineup and in it’s place is a talk called “TBD” from an unknown speaker.

Hot Chips 30 TBD

Conference organizing is a lot of work

At Computex, conspiracy theories swirled and the chatter ramped to crazy levels among the press. What was wrong with the consumer Volta parts? Some press had already mentioned they were going to get briefed on it at SigGraph which starts shortly before Hot Chips 30. Why the last minute pull? We dug in and found out, there is a really good reason to pull the consumer Volta launch after all.

Note: If you haven’t been to Hot Chips before, it is REALLY worth it for you to attend. Hot Chips is by far the best technical conference of it’s type, really don’t miss it. If you read SemiAccurate, you really should go to this on. Look at the program here, then sign up here. Let me repeat that, go to Hot Chips 30, you won’t regret it.

Back to the story.

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