How does AMD’s Epyc fare in real-world TCO?

Hard data for AMD vs Intel’s Xeon

AMD EPYC LogoHow do AMD’s TCO claims for Rome vs Intel’s Xeon stack up in the real world? SemiAccurate has found two data points from the generation before that are directly relevant to that question.

When you are talking TCO, there are lies, utter lies, intentional lies, and worst of all, company explanations which tend to transcend the most egregious of lies. Finding out real world numbers is something between hard and impossible, and those that do are usually attacked on technicalities. Those attacks on minutia are then leveraged to discredit the core point, usually that a competitor is unquestionably better than the product the speaker is pushing.

SemiAccurate has found two data points for Epyc Naples vs Cascade Lake Xeon that paint a very clear picture of the past generation and should apply to the next generation as well. More interesting is that the data is a clear apples to apples comparison from a large commercial deployment. Better yet of all the companies that can quantify TCO, this is one that is pretty much immune to criticism on that front. Four numbers rarely paint a clearer picture.

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