CPU startup Nuvia breaks cover

Who’s who of chip design under one roof

VIA - logoA CPU startup called Nuvia just broke cover and they are one you should pay attention to. SemiAccurate knows several of the principles and the company seems to be the proverbial dream team.

Officially Nuvia just announced that they both exist and have closed their first round of funding. The Series A raised $53 million from Capricorn Investment, Dell Technologies Capital, Mayfield, WVRI Capital, and Nepthene, LLC. That is the boring part or at least the non-technical bits, the fun stuff is the people and what they have done.

The three founders are John Bruno, Manu Gulati, and Gerard Williams III, and all come with pedigrees from companies who’s chips have changed the game. Previously the founders have worked for Google, Apple, ARM, Broadcom, and AMD on projects that you are quite aware of and probably think well of. There are undoubtedly other key players involved, you don’t get a mix of players like this without more jumping on board.

The people involved are not the reason you should be paying attention to Nuvia, it is what they are trying to do. Officially their goal is to “reimagine the silicon design for the data center” which is code for avoiding the mistakes that others seem to be locked in to. Instead they plan to do it the right way and avoid the pitfalls they have seen others make over their careers, hopefully resulting in, “A step-function increase in compute performance and power efficiency”.

Normally such grandiose statements would prompt SemiAccurate to make unflattering comparisons to things not suitable for a family web site such as this. That said this is not a normal startup and these are not normal principles. SemiAccurate knows these guys, and, well, if anyone is going to make a real step change in compute, they are the most likely candidates. There will probably be a lot more coming from Nuvia in the next few months, keep an eye on these guys, really.S|A

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