Qualcomm may be launching infrastructre silicon today

Two half briefs do not add to a whole

Qualcomm Snapdragon logoToday Qualcomm might be launching an important new infrastructure platform but we can’t be sure. Once again their briefings were done in a format SemiAccurate can’t view.

Today Qualcomm is probably launching their new base station silicon line which won’t be sampling until 1H/2022. While we would love to tell you all the details they sort of briefed us on but they once again used software that precluded our participation. This is annoying but livable as the company promised to get us slides before events like this so we can follow along. When we asked we were told that we could get the slides after the briefing, so consider that promise reneged. Again.

Three days later when we got the slides, they were indeed complex diagrams that the audio kept referring to. Luckily there was no way to replay the brief once the slides were in hand so it was impossible to follow either piece on it’s own or actually understand what they were saying. As you can see in the two below, complex diagrams that are constantly referred to in the audio means the briefing is useless without the slides which leads us to this article instead of one talking about the tech.

Qualcomm 5G base station diagram

 Useful to see when being briefed

Qualcomm infrastructure components

As you can see helps if you can see

So Qualcomm is likely launching infrastructure products, a new category for the company. It is probably very important and likely has some cool features but we can’t tell you about them. Thanks guys. Again.S|A

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