Samsung’s AMD GPU bearing Exynos 2200 debuts

The messaging is a bit off though

Today Samsung outed their Exynos 2200 CPU with an AMD derived GPU named Xclipse. SemiAccurate has heard worse names but hasn’t really seen worse sites recently.

Lets start out with the rank idiocy because it is the first thing we noticed when going to the Samsung site. The slogan for the new CPU is, “Playtime is over”. *FACEPALM* I mean really? For a CPU directly aimed at gamers and graphics? Could they have done… don’t answer that, I agree.

Back to the point, AMD licensed their GPUs to Samsung for use in mobile SoCs a while ago and then there was little to talk about it until today when Samsung unveiled the Exynos 2200. The site is rather painful and aimed at those with a penchant for shiny things rather than words and numbers, so about what you would expect. Contrary to their usual practice though, there are some specs, Qualcomm are you paying attention?

Once again we start out with the cores. “The Exynos 2200 features an octa-core CPU built with tri-cluster architecture. Its array of cores includes one Arm Cortex-X2 core for powerful performance, three Cortex-A710 cores for optimal performance and four Cortex-A510 cores for power efficiency.” So far so good, exactly what you would expect and unless you have a basic clue about ARM’s CPU layout, nothing is wrong. If you however have a clue, that tri-cluster bit will probably not fill you with confidence, I’ll leave it to you to figure out why.

On the GPU front the AMD/ATI GPU is called the Xclipse 920, probably because Adreno is being used elsewhere for something and no other anagrams worked, but that is all the details. Samsung claims a 5G modem of unknown provenance, an AI/DSP block, and everything else you would expect about a modern SoC to have. Nothing amazing, nothing lacking at this high level.

On the process front, Samsung is claiming “4nm” which means it is built internally and has nothing to do with 4nm other than a marketing name. This part is more or less equivalent to the last gen TSMC 7nm, 6nm if you are being charitable, Samsung is way behind on tech but not marketing bravado. That said capacity likely won’t be an issue should the need arise. We doubt it will. Why? Because…

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