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Thread: Looking for a free MMO that is not PVP or high lvl cap

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHFolsom View Post
    The problem with your list of requirements is that for the money involved you may as well make a single player game. An MMO without a grind is a dead MMO financially.

    When it comes down to it the main financial draw of MMO's is that most people believe they are good enough to get to the top and only a very few are.

    If you don't put in some sort of grind it doesn't give people who think they are good the expectation that they will be able to lazily hold on to that #1 title once there.

    It is completely about appealing to elitism and scrubdom, and thats why they turn a profit. Your game doesn't and won't.........oh yeah second life. See what i did there?

    Well, wow is certainly turning over profit and keeping subs, and they keep this kind of model going by NOT levels or PVP, but by releasing continuous updates that adds new content, and new expansions to "gear reset" everyone to the same level.

    So their "grind" is actually new raiding / instance content that no one has seen before (you can argue that it may not be unique each specific time for ability, but you can't say they are not new in some way). The elite players have Heroic ICC25 access and the regulars can at least pug a 10 ICC, everyone can see the content (or at least some of it) or if you want, easily pug old content like TOC or Uld.

    Something like that is a "grind" that is based on new and exciting, rather than the same mob, over and over again, or pvp.

    Now I'm certainly not asking for a wow clone in a free mmo, but something that does things differently from the ones that I've played (Maple Story, Runescape, Rappelz, Tweleve Sky, Requirem) and all abandoned after a month max because of the grind that you HAVE to do.

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    Yeah, you see, that's the thing.

    The term Grind isn't very well defined. I consider that new content you tout more of the same grind.

    The People who say EvE doesn't have to have a grind are people who define a grind as something they have no choice in. Ergo, a grind where they can choose what/how to grind is not a grind at all.

    I consider both of these types of things grind. SecondLife has a grind of learning the coding required to do the things you want.

    to me, Grind is Synonymous with Time Investment, and MMOs don't work without some sort of guarantee that someone who starts years after you do will not be on the same foot for some time, that guarantee is Time Investment, or Grind. MMOs simply just do not work without it.

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    Ah, ok so yeah I can see how grind is very much different to different people.

    Maybe I need to rephrase the question... Something like a free MMO with constant new content updates? Then again, everyone claims that and they fill it with crap like a new custom in the item shop as content update...

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    Good luck on that one, may wanna check out Dungeon Fighter Online but I think that's more of a 'In Beta' Thing.

    Don't know much about it but worth a shot.

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    Just to update; been playing Lord of the rings online for free - its done really well as a free to play can buy points for the store or earn them like ddo.....

    Its really enjoyable.

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